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Photo on Birch Wood 18x24

On a birthday present to my self packed what I had in the car and went for a run. I only had shorts, a t shirt and one liter of water strapped to my hip for the this run which was going to be about 17 miles. It was a last minute decision so I drank mostly stream water the whole way. I arrived at the garden parking lot at 4pm, hit the trail at 4:30pm. I summited basin at about 8:45pm and Saddleback at sun set. It was at this point I sat still for a few min and realized I only had a t shirt.  Luckily June 20th has the the longest daylight or second longest... but it can still be 30 degrees up high so I decided to move on because the Ausable Inn was located at the end of the trail and they were still open late.  I think on the way down I was moving pretty good because i was sitting at the bar at 1130 having a beer!! Birthday Beating Complete.